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Trieste has a mix of contrasting featires that makes it unique. It is melancholy and cheerful, it is romantic and aloof, it is made of sea and rock. Trieste is an international city that brings togheter peolple from many parts of the world. Walking in Trieste is sometimes like inside a living Babel.

Trieste houses art and science alike. Its International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICPT) is famous worldwide. The city has also hosted globally prominent writers: names such as James Joyce, Italo Svevo, Humberto Saba, Scipio Slataper, Ida Finzi, Alma Morpurgo, pia Rimini, etc. are from the house.

As if that were not enough, sports are very well developed in this area. Let's just mention Trieste's international regatta, La Barcolana, which this year housed more than 2000 ships that coloured the wonderful waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Last but not least, Trieste has a strategic position to make short escapades to the neighbouring countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and even Austria are just around the corner.